Organic Composting

Client: High Desert Organix

Location: Madras, Oregon

The farmers at High Desert Organix, one of the largest carrot seed producers in the world, saw an opportunity in their operations’ by-products. The company decided to combine their solid vegetable waste with cow waste—an abundant resource in agricultural Madras, Oregon—to use as fertilizer on their fields. As this new endeavor would require a separate base of operations, Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc. (MFA) was hired to help the client scope potential sites for a solid waste composting facility and assist with land use permitting applications.

When concerns arose among community members about the new facility, MFA provided technical information to the public to answer questions and alleviate apprehension. With MFA’s assistance, the client was able to determine the most convenient, logical, cost-effective location for their operations as well as maintain a good relationship with the community of Madras and with regulatory agencies, including the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

MFA was able to assist the client in achieving:

  • Site for composting facility suited to constraints such as property size, price, and proximity to residences
  • Positive, transparent relationship with the residents of Madras
  • Completed permit for commercial composting facility and additional land-use permit
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