Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at MFA

DEI is key to fulfilling our mission

Our vision is to become an organization that better reflects the communities where we live and work and align our DEI initiatives with our values. Advancing these efforts will also advance our mission to improve our communities by addressing issues that matter to our clients and enabling more innovative and creative approaches to problem solving.


DEI initiatives at Maul Foster & Alongi

Our DEI Strategic Plan represents our current best thinking and was developed through collaborative efforts with staff of all levels, disciplines, and lived experiences and was guided by our DEI consultant, Future Work Design. As we learn and progress, so will our Strategic Plan. We have organized this plan into five types of activities. While discreet, these activities interconnect and are mutually supportive.

  • Service applications: Deepening capacity in our services that already have active equity applications, such as community engagement, environmental justice, planning, GIS, and exploring new ways we can advance equity through our projects.
  • Employee experiences: Reinforcing a culture where all employees can grow and thrive through professional development, personal improvement, ownership, and connection.
  • Integrated learning and development: Providing meaningful opportunities for employees to deepen their awareness, skill, and commitment to DEI. This includes training coaches to identify staff whose interests or goals align with DEI professional development opportunities and encourage them to pursue these opportunities.
  • Community partnerships: Ensuring our community relationships and partnerships embody our commitment to DEI by building on our charitable giving program and defining strategies to expand capacity and to network with women and minority-owned businesses. Additionally, we will find ways to support under-represented communities in our industry through internships, youth engagement, and associations.
  • Authentic branding: Aligning the way we appear to reflect our values and our commitment to DEI. By reviewing and assessing our marketing tools, we will align our brand perception with our DEI vision and demonstrate how we practice DEI in a meaningful and action-based way.


DEI Committee

The DEI Committee is charged with overseeing implementation of the DEI Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan organizes our DEI Committee with specific roles and responsibilities and has a fixed number of seats that represent the following interests:

  • At least one representative from each Employee Resource Group (3 seats)
  • MFA management team representation (2 seats)
  • Representatives of MFA’s services with equity applications (2 seats)
  • Open to all employees by application (2 seats)
  • Human resources representative (1 seat)
  • Charitable giving representative (1 seat)
  • Teaming partner initiative representative (1 seat)


Employee Resource Groups

ERGs are groups of employees who share a common affinity and support each other through shared experiences and interests.

  • BIPOC ERG: For our staff who are Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color.
  • LGBTQ+ ERG: For our staff of queer genders or sexuality such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and nonbinary folk.
  • Early Careers at MFA (ECAM): For employees who have five or fewer years of experience in their current professional field.
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Kathy J. Lombardi, PE

Principal Engineer

Co-Chair, DEI Committee

(503) 501-5208

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