Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are actively working to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at MFA. Three core objectives guide DEI at our firm:

  1. Everyone deserves a safe, equitable, and inclusive workplace.
  2. As we increase the diversity and cultural competence of our firm, we can better serve the communities where we work.
  3. We must work to resist and reverse systemic racism in our firm and in the communities where we live, work, and serve.


MFA’s DEI Initiatives

Last updated: November 2021

DEI continues to be a priority for MFA since our last DEI initiative update. Since September 2020, we have:

  • Continued supporting staff-led initiatives to increase DEI in the areas of hiring, company culture, business partnerships, and giving and volunteering.
  • Worked with DEI consultant Future Work Design (FWD), whose team led a five-week DEI Foundations workshop series for our management team and DEI committee.
  • FWD led listening sessions with our BIPOC employees, developing next steps for our company and sharing with the management team.

What’s next for DEI at MFA?

MFA will work with FWD as we:

Develop staff capacity and skills for change. FWD will offer a 90-minute Introduction to DEI Foundations session to all employees that have not previously attended a DEI workshop.

Learn how to interrupt microaggressions. All staff will take part in a five-part series building skills on how to interrupt microaggressions led by FWD.

Learn how to manage across difference. FWD will offer training for all coaches on how power can be used to positively influence teams and drive equity.

Engage in DEI and HR strategic planning. FWD will partner with MFA’s management team to develop a strategic plan that incorporates and centers MFA’s goals for building equity, diversity, and inclusion. FWD will partner with the HR team to build a strategy that will support the future of DEI at MFA.

MFA staff will continue to focus on:

Designing for the quietest duck. This is a concept we will integrate into many different parts of MFA. In a nutshell, this relates to cultural expressions like “the nail that sticks out gets hit on the head” or “the loudest duck gets shot” as opposed to “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” There are cultural and organizational elements that may lead someone be unable to express themselves. This concept and the DEI strategic planning and HR support with FWD will inform our approach to auditing our policies with this lens. Learn more about designing for the quietest duck concept.

DEI Leadership. We will continue developing more structure and guidelines for the DEI committee’s roles, responsibilities, and expectations, which will also benefit other committees at MFA. We will continue to evaluate our governance and leadership and the structural and cultural barriers within our leadership pipeline.

Career growth. One of our pivotal resources to professional growth at MFA is our coaching structure. We will continue to refine the role of coaches so our coaches can better support our team members. Additionally, we will review our performance management system to ensure it is in line with our DEI goals and supporting career growth for all.

Procurement and partnering practices. In partnership with business development, we are growing our Teaming Partner initiative with a DEI lens to work to improve the overall systems and structures related to vendor procurement third party vendors, partners and purchasing. And we are integrating DEI into our Charitable Giving Program.

Taking action and reporting our progress. We will share updates to our DEI initiatives and progress reports on this page. We welcome your comments and feedback at any time at info@maulfoster.com.


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