Engineering can be complex, and when you overlay environmental constraints it becomes more complex.  An integrated approach to engineering from design, through construction makes projects simple, effective and implementable.

  • Air Quality

    Air quality regulations can lead to complex operational issues. Whether you are building a new facility, modifying a process, or seeking compliance, MFA's solutions to air quality concerns allow you to maintain focus on your core... Read more »
  • Civil Engineering

    Our best work is easy to overlook because you don't notice it when it performs so well. We provide reliable site infrastructure and designs that translate effectively from concept to construction. Read more »
  • Stormwater

    The complex issues of stormwater compliance need not negatively impact your business. We navigate the continuum of considerations from permitting to design and produce solutions that integrate with facility operations and add value. Read more »
  • Solid Waste

    Before trash dumps were known as landfills, MFA staff were working on solid waste projects. Our experience has paralleled the solid waste industry's growth and development. Read more »
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

    There’s more to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) than picking up a joystick. It’s safely and accurately capturing data—and what you do with the data—that matters. Read more »