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  • Aerial Maps Reveal Flooding Impacts on Farmland

    Client: Plas Newydd Farm
  • Whatcom County Public Works Assessment

    Client: Whatcom County Public Works
  • Comprehensive Industrial Compliance Services for a Roofing Products Manufacturer

    Client: Roofing products manufacturer
  • Astoria Middle School Rain Garden

    Client: Port of Astoria
  • 3D Terrain Model Saves Time and Money

    Client: Potlatch
  • Land Redevelopment Project Takes Flight with Aerial Imagery and Mapping

    Client: ELESCO Limited
  • Lower Grand Employment Area Action Plan

    Client: City of Vancouver
  • Communication and Government Relations

    Client: Washington State Department of Transportation, Toll Division
  • Improving Asset Management for a Utility District

    Client: Snoqualmie Pass Utility District
  • Aerial Imagery Highlights a Waterfront’s Revitalization

    Client: Port of Ridgefield
  • UAS Used for Landfill Management

    Client: Cowlitz County Headquarters Landfill
  • Using UAS for Efficient and Accurate Topographic Mapping

    Client: McLucas & Associates (for Kennedy Creek Quarry)
  • Redevelopment Master Plan Primes A City for Smart Economic Development

    Client: City of Spokane
  • Skagit County Community Justice Center Brownfield Redevelopment Project

    Client: Skagit County
  • Residential Yards Investigation and Cleanup

    Client: Port of Ridgefield
  • A Former Gas Station Gets Cleaned Up

    Client: City of Yakima
  • Innovative Site Solutions for a Design-Build Development

    Client: Katerra
  • Community Aspiration Meets Market Opportunity

    Client: Port of Douglas County
  • Permitting Support for a Glass Fiber Manufacturing Facility

    Client: Glass Fiber Manufacturer
  • Achieving Compliance at a New Manufacturing Facility

    Client: Lumber Mill and Torrefaction Facility
  • Cleaner Air Oregon Compliance Support

    Client: Numerous Facilities
  • Health and Safety Compliance for a Roofing Parts Manufacturer

    Client: Roofing Parts Manufacturer
  • Interbay Armory Relocation and Redevelopment Planning

    Client: Washington State Department of Commerce
  • Remediation of the Bunker Hill Superfund Site

    Client: Successor Coeur d'Alene Custodial and Work Trust
  • Construction Management Services for an Industrial Facility

    Client: Industrial Business
  • Construction Management for a Petroleum-Impacted Property

    Client: Fuel Distributor
  • Central Utilities Plant Underground Storage Tank Decommissioning

    Client: International Airport
  • Construction Management Services at a Former Landfill

    Client: Machinery Repair Facility
  • Construction Management for a Storage and Shipping Facility

    Client: Storage and Shipping Facility
  • Construction Management for a Transportation Facility

    Client: Transportation Facility
  • Construction Management at a Chromium-Impacted Residential Property

    Client: State of Oregon
  • Design-Build Services for an Industrial Brownfield Redevelopment

    Client: Private Business
  • Former Landfill Becomes OSU-Cascades Campus

    Client: Oregon State University-Cascades
  • WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center Redevelopment

    Client: City of Wenatchee
  • Portland Brownfield Becomes Fabrication and Design Studio

    Client: Acme Scenic & Display, Inc.
  • Developing a Model Remedy for Historical Orchard Lands

    Client: Chelan County Department of Natural Resources
  • Oregon Wildfire Debris Cleanup and Sampling

    Client: CDR Maguire Inc./Oregon Department of Transportation
  • 3-Dimensional Modeling and Visualizations

  • Efficient Permitting

    Client: Lake River Dioxin Cleanup, Ridgefield, WA
  • Willamette Falls Legacy Project

    Client: METRO
  • Forensics

    Client: Confidential Client
  • The Coeur d’Alene Trust Groundwater/Surface Water Evaluations

    Client: The Coeur d’Alene Trust
  • Implementable Design

    Client: Zidell Marine Corporation
  • Incremental Sediment Sampling

    Client: Astoria Marine Construction Company
  • Log Yard Stormwater Treatment System

    Client: Hampton Affiliates
  • Precision Dredging

    Client: Port Of Ridgefield
  • Regulatory Negotiations

    Client: Zidell Marine Corporation
  • Wetland Restoration

    Client: Carty Lake, US Fish and Wildlife Refuge, Washington
  • Astoria Sports Complex

    Client: City of Astoria and Columbia Memorial Hospital
  • 600,000-Acre Phase I ESA

    Client: Green Diamond Resources
  • Adaptive Re-Use Study: Northern State Hospital

    Client: Port of Skagit
  • Campus Layout Design

    Client: Mount Angel Abbey
  • The Coeur d’Alene Trust Loading Analysis

    Client: Successor Coeur d'Alene Custodial and Work Trust
  • The Coeur d’Alene Trust Data Management

    Client: Successor Coeur d'Alene Custodial and Work Trust
  • Contaminated Soil Cleanup

    Client: PetroCard
  • Comprehensive Solid Waste Engineering Services for Cowlitz County

    Client: Cowlitz County
  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

    Client: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Demolition Community Exposure Assessment

    Client: Josephine County
  • Drip Pad Inspections

    Client: Amerities
  • Due Diligence and Environmental Cleanup

  • In-Water Sediment Remediation

    Client: Zidell Marine Corporation
  • Industrial Wastewater Discharge

    Client: Farmer's Cooperative Creamery
  • Kalama Redevelopment Project

    Client: Port of Kalama
  • Landfill Redevelopment Master Planning

    Client: Clark County
  • Low Impact Development

    Client: Green Gables Design and Restoration
  • Palouse Producers Brownfield Site

    Client: City of Palouse
  • Neighborhood Community Exposure Assessment

    Client: Amerities
  • Organic Composting

    Client: High Desert Organix
  • Park Laundry Remedial Investigation

    Client: Union Ridge Investment Company
  • Process Safety Management Plan Development

    Client: Ajinomoto
  • Process Safety Management/Risk Management Plan Development

    Client: EnerG2
  • School District Bond Passage

    Client: Ridgefield School District
  • Sediment Contamination Delineation

    Client: Confidential Client
  • Silica Exposure Survey

    Client: Malarkey Roofing
  • Spokane University District

    Client: City of Spokane
  • NPDES Compliance and Stormwater System Design

    Client: Pacific Coast Shredding
  • Strategic Acquisition and Redevelopment

    Client: City of St. Helens
  • Thurston County Landfill Closure

    Client: Thurston County
  • Tower Demolition and Abatement

    Client: Josephine County
  • Upland Remedial Investigation and Source Control

    Client: Siltronic Corporation
  • Upland Riverbank Sediment Remediation

    Client: Zidell Marine Corporation
  • Waterfront Revitalization

    Client: Port of Ridgefield
  • Welcome Center Design

    Client: City of Ridgefield
  • Workplace Chemical Exposure Assessment

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