GIS & Data Management Overview

Information is mined to answer challenging questions and make better project decisions. Geographic, environmental, demographic and site data are analyzed and displayed graphically to create knowledge for informed decisions

  • Environmental Data Management

    Data is powerful and persuasive when it is reliable and accessible. Well organized data systems help you focus on your business and mission. We're setting new standards for the collection, management, interpretation and understanding of data. Read more »
  • Contaminant Modeling & Visualization

    Seeing is believing. We transform scientific data into easy to understand graphics that communicate quickly and accurately and meet industry and regulatory standards. Effective visualizations help people understand complex situations so they can make decisions and move forward. Read more »
  • FLO Analytics

    When your situation is different than a traditional MFA project, FLO Analytics is here to help. FLO works with school districts, utilities, local government, land trusts and tribes for in-depth analysis and development of specialized data driven solutions. Read more »