Information is mined to answer challenging questions and make better project decisions. Geographic, environmental, demographic and site data are analyzed and displayed graphically to create knowledge for informed decisions.

  • Comprehensive Redistricting Services

    Our team of GIS practitioners, data experts, community planners, and public engagement professionals is ready to support your redistricting process, no matter how simple or complex it may be. Work with MFA, and you’ll be using the best... Read more »
  • Spatial Analysis

    It’s more than a map. Understanding location, relationships, and patterns informs good decision making. Uncover things you may not be able to observe and understand their meaning and interrelationships. Read more »
  • Mobile, Desktop, and Server Applications

    Looking to visualize and interact with your GIS data, using any type of device? We create user-centric GIS tools and applications to assist you in the collection, management, and sharing of maps and data. Read more »
  • GIS Support And Development

    Spend more time focused on your work and less time trying to figure out GIS software. We help create a clear vision and develop tools, templates, and training to harness the power of your GIS. Read more »
  • Asset Management

    Save time and money, minimize surprises, and optimize performance. From maintaining stormwater pipes to replacing fire extinguishers, we help track and visualize asset conditions and maintenance needs, and do it all in a centralized location. Read more »
  • Environmental Data Management

    Data is powerful and persuasive when it is reliable and accessible. Well organized data systems help you focus on your business and mission. We're setting new standards for the collection, management, interpretation and understanding of data. Read more »
  • Contaminant Modeling & Visualization

    Seeing is believing. We transform scientific data into easy to understand graphics that communicate quickly and accurately and meet industry and regulatory standards. Effective visualizations help people understand complex situations so they can make decisions and move forward. Read more »