Redevelopment, job growth and leveraging existing assets demands problem-solving skills and creative insight to create opportunities, facilitate partnerships, and gain community support. Results oriented planning is focused on achieving desired outcomes and adding value to projects and communities.

  • Comprehensive Redistricting Services

    Our team of GIS practitioners, data experts, community planners, and public engagement professionals is ready to support your redistricting process, no matter how simple or complex it may be. Work with MFA, and you’ll be using the best... Read more »
  • Community Planning

    Communities are facing rapidly changing demographic and economic conditions. By 2030 many communities across the Pacific Northwest may see population growth of 20% or more and the planet may have to accommodate an additional 49 million... Read more »
  • Communication and Outreach

    Every project, initiative, and organization needs effective communication. Just as you wouldn’t build a house or embark on an environmental cleanup without a plan, any endeavor that impacts a community requires a strong communication and... Read more »
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis

    Groundbreaking events get the photo opportunities, but establishing the right strategies and policies sets the stage for success. MFA brings years of practical experience to develop effective organizational strategies that support the WHY,... Read more »
  • Site Planning and Development

    Development projects begin with an idea, evolve through design, and are realized in construction. MFA has strategically expanded our expertise and developed a culture of collaboration to provide our clients with the full spectrum of site... Read more »
  • Integrated Brownfield Site Analysis

    Communities across the country are impacted by vacant, potentially contaminated former industrial and commercial properties. These "brownfield properties" can range from corner gas stations to large manufacturing plants. MFA has pioneered a... Read more »