Industrial Wastewater Discharge

Client: Farmer's Cooperative Creamery

Location: McMinnville, Oregon

Farmer’s Cooperative Creamery (FCC) was in a bind when the City of McMinnville claimed that the creamery was the source of issues at the city wastewater treatment plant. The city threatened to withhold FCC’s permit to discharge. This would have required a shutdown that would impact not only the creamery itself, but also the cooperative of family farms that use the creamery to produce butter and powdered milk.

FCC retained MFA to evaluate industrial wastewater discharge and support FCC in negotiations with the city to renew its discharge permit. MFA conducted a comprehensive review of FCC’s existing wastewater discharge data; internal procedures; chemical use, including their clean-in-place (CIP) processes; production records; and cleaning procedures. MFA was able to show that when FCC’s discharge was at its highest, it did not cause any problems at the treatment plant.

Since FCC was cleared of blame, relations between the city and FCC have significantly improved. A strong relationship has been formed and the two entities continue to work well together.


  • Successfully negotiated a mutually agreeable five-year permit cycle and more reasonable seasonal discharge limits
  • Reengaged FCC in positive relations with the City of McMinnville
  • Improved FCC’s treatment processes
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