Silica Exposure Survey

Client: Malarkey Roofing

Location: Portland, Oregon

Malarkey Roofing needed to measure silica levels in the work environment to understand the implications of a recently-proposed OSHA silica rule. MFA reviewed a silica sampling plan being used by an industry trade group, which ensured the data could be part of a larger data set and inform the industry about potential exposures. At the same time, MFA worked with the client to assess and safely manage levels of other potential agents in the workplace, such as asphalt, fiberglass, formaldehyde, ergonomic hazards, and noise. The data helped Malarkey understand the potential impacts of the proposed OSHA silica rule and simultaneously ensure employee safety in a focused, efficient way. The silica and asphalt exposure monitoring data could also be used by an industry trade group to inform similar facilities.

Data gathered by MFA allowed Malarkey Roofing to:

  • Understand the potential impacts of the proposed OSHA silica rule
  • Ensure a safe work environment
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