Integrated Brownfield Site Analysis

Communities across the country are impacted by vacant, potentially contaminated former industrial and commercial properties. These “brownfield properties” can range from corner gas stations to large manufacturing plants.

MFA has pioneered a highly effective approach to transforming these sites from a blighted eyesore to a community asset by formulating an implementation strategy that uses the potential for redevelopment to drive environmental remediation. MFA finds the synergy between market opportunity, community aspiration, and environmental stewardship through an integrated planning process.

For communities seeking financial assistance, the US Environmental Protection Agency and many state agencies, such as the Washington Department of Ecology, have established funding programs to assist communities undertaking brownfield cleanup and redevelopment. To date, MFA has supported over 20 communities in obtaining over $99 million in federal and state brownfield grants.

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Merideth D'Andrea, RG, LG, PG

Principal Geologist

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