Reach New Heights With Aerial Data

Unmanned Aerial Systems

There’s more to Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) than picking up a joystick. It’s safely and accurately capturing data—and what you do with the data—that matters.

Utilizing UAS equipped with cutting-edge sensor technology, our FAA-certified remote pilots efficiently capture high-resolution aerial data for up to 250 acres in just one 45-minute flight. Our analysts work with you to translate aerial images and other data into actionable deliverables, ensuring that the final product meets your exact end-use requirements.

Our UAS capabilities include:

  • High-Definition Site Photos & Videos. Aerial photos and videos allow you to instantly gain new perspectives of your site or property.
  • Aerial Imagery & Mapping. Mapping with high-resolution aerial imagery provides unparalleled spatial information essential to site planning with modern software like GIS and AutoCAD.
  • Terrain Modeling & Volumetric Analysis. Terrain modeling and volumetric analysis have unlimited applications in asset management, site planning, engineering, geology and natural resources management.
  • Vegetation Mapping & Natural Resources Management. UAS are the perfect tool for monitoring farmland and natural resource management activities such like habitat mapping and restoration monitoring.


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