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Effective stormwater management requires civil engineering to eliminate flooding and keep contaminants out of our watersheds.

The complex issues of stormwater need not negatively impact your organization. MFA navigates the continuum of considerations from permitting to design, producing solutions that integrate with facility operations and add value.

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Planning and Engineering

Learn how our civil engineers have helped develop new sites, upgrade existing facilities, and implement Low Impact Development (LID) solutions.

NPDES Permits

Industrial, municipal, and construction stormwater management is regulated by state NPDES programs. Learn about state specific requirements by clicking below.

BMPs and Treatment

If you are struggling with stormwater pollution, click below to learn about effective approaches ranging from simple best management practices (BMPs) to advanced stormwater treatment.

  • Low Impact Development

    Client: Green Gables Design and Restoration

  • Astoria Sports Complex

    Client: City of Astoria and Columbia Memorial Hospital

  • Log Yard Stormwater Treatment System

    Client: Hampton Affiliates

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Everything You Need To Know About NPDES

For more than 40 years, the Clean Water Act and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits have aimed to curb water pollution by regulating the levels of pollutants that are allowed to discharge into our rivers, lakes, and...

Ada H. Banasik, PE Blogs, Stormwater
Western States Industrial Stormwater Permitting

EPA recently launched the new Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) to regulate industrial stormwater, but the already more-stringent state permits in California, Washington, and Oregon leave the MSGP a moot-point. Industrial stormwater permit...

Ada H. Banasik, PE Blogs, Engineering, Stormwater
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