Spatial Analysis

Spatial analysis – it’s more than a map. Understanding location, relationships, and patterns informs good decision making. Uncover things you may not be able to observe and understand their meaning and interrelationships. Where do the things you are interested in occur across the landscape, how are they influenced by factors and features around them, and how can you explore those interactions more deeply to uncover new patterns? These are the types of questions we love answering and the relationships we love mapping. GIS is a powerful tool and is useful to your sector or discipline, even if you aren’t exactly sure how! It’s our job to break it down and make the analysis outcome meaningful and useful to you.

We routinely evaluate land use trends, conduct demographic and socioeconomic analysis, and gather and assess data relevant to a site or region. We then predict trends, develop projections, model land-use scenarios, and conduct site suitability analysis. Spatial analysis is useful for a spectrum of industries—from business and real estate to municipalities and tribal entities. Explore our project examples to learn more about various spatial analysis applications, and reach out and drop us a line to chat more about how GIS can work for you.

Our Spatial Analysis expertise includes:

  • Site Selection & Prioritization Analysis
  • Demographic & Socioeconomic Analysis
  • Land Use & Suitability Analysis
  • Student Enrollment Projections & Redistricting
  • Remote Sensing & Terrain Analysis
  • Market Planning & Business Analytics
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Tyler Vick

Director of Innovation and FLO Strategy

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