Sediment Characterization and Remediation

Whether cleaning up legacy contamination or completing maintenance dredging, when it comes to managing sediment, there isn’t a project quite like yours – and we want to be part of it. We start with the end in mind to get the results you need. We listen and collaborate, then create and implement innovative solutions that work.

The skill sets and techniques of the MFA-led design team to accomplish the analysis and design are impressive. The efforts resulted in a successful mitigation of decades of military-related aquatic sediment and landside contamination.

—2014 Awards Jury, Project Excellence Award, American Society Of Civil Engineers – COPRI

What We Do
  • Characterization
  • Forensics
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Permitting
  • Restoration
  • Characterization


    Understanding sediment quality is critical in any in-water work; from cleanup to development and maintenance. MFA’s approach to characterizing sediment is customized for each site’s regulatory and legal requirements to meet data quality objectives for permitting and cleanup success.

  • Forensics


    Developing a sound understanding of contamination sources is challenging when multiple chemicals interact in the aquatic environment. MFA provides reliable analysis for defensible conclusions in allocation support, source control, and sediment characterization and cleanup.

  • Design


    Whether your project is maintenance dredging, dock installation, bank stabilization, or your site requires environmental cleanup – we can help you move forward. Our integrated approach to science and engineering makes projects implementable and effective.

  • Construction


    It is your project and you want it done right, on schedule, and on budget. Our experienced construction management and oversight minimizes your risk while maximizing results. From maintenance dredging to implementation of a sediment remedy, completing your project will be our priority.

  • Permitting


    There is nothing simple about getting permits. We facilitate complex permitting processes involving multiple agencies with myriad requirements, addressing biological and engineering considerations so that our clients can move past permitting into implementation.

  • Restoration


    Whether you’re tackling a bioengineered stream bank or a tidal wetland restoration, MFA’s interdisciplinary team of ecologists, biologists, landscape architects, and engineers help take the guesswork out of your approach with proven actions to heal degraded habitats and ecosystems.

  • Forensics

    Client: Confidential Client

  • Wetland Restoration

    Client: Carty Lake, US Fish and Wildlife Refuge, Washington

  • Efficient Permitting

    Client: Lake River Dioxin Cleanup, Ridgefield, WA

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  • Incremental Sediment Sampling

    Client: Astoria Marine Construction Company

  • Precision Dredging

    Client: Port Of Ridgefield

  • 3-Dimensional Modeling and Visualizations

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  • Implementable Design

    Client: Zidell Marine Corporation

  • Regulatory Negotiations

    Client: Zidell Marine Corporation

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