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Regulatory Compliance

Developing a regulatory compliance program requires clear communication and practical solutions to reduce risk, comply with regulatory requirements, and ultimately, run a successful business.

MFA’s comprehensive regulatory compliance services can help your industrial facility meet the permitting, monitoring, record keeping, and reporting needs of your organization and the compliance demands of federal, state, and local regulations.


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Air Regulatory Compliance

Air Quality Compliance

MFA’s air quality practice provides full-service solutions to ensure your facility remains in compliance with federal, state, and local requirements.

We provide auditing, emissions inventory development and dispersion modeling to assess compliance gaps. We provide engineering, testing, and permitting services to help you close those gaps and achieve compliance.

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Stormwater Compliance

MFA works with industries in the Pacific Northwest to develop adaptive management and innovative solutions to challenging permit requirements and regulations. We can assist your company with sample collection, reporting, recordkeeping, and corrective actions.

We design a range of treatment systems, from green stormwater infrastructure to active treatment trains, and implement cost-effective best management practices and pollution-control measures.

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Stormwater Compliance

Health and Safety Regulatory Compliance

Health and Safety Compliance

Effective health and safety programs are focused on people, not paperwork. MFA can help you identify risk, understand your compliance obligations, and take actions that protect the health and safety of your business and employees.

Our services range from relatively simple and focused programs such as respiratory protection to more complex process safety management and risk management programs for facilities with large quantities of highly hazardous chemicals.

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Wastewater Compliance

MFA covers wastewater permit compliance at both new and established facilities—from permit applications to Notice of Violation responses.

Our treatment design services include a wide range of systems including solids filtration, neutralization, chemical dosing, and contaminant removal. MFA looks at creative, efficient approaches to working with new and existing systems to meet discharge requirements.

Wastewater Regulatory Compliance

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Regulatory Compliance

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure

MFA engineers and scientists prepare SPCC plans required by federal regulations, as well as a variety of spill control plans required by state and municipal governments that outline measures to effectively prevent and respond to spills.

Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act

Navigating EPCRA regulations can be challenging. MFA can perform a screening evaluation to help assess whether your facility is required to report and then work with you to prepare the necessary documents for submission.

EPCRA services

RCRA Regulatory Compliance

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Determining efficient means of waste minimization, management, and reporting can be challenging given the complexity of RCRA regulations. Our team draws on years of experience in many different industrial, commercial, and remediation settings to assist your team in properly addressing regulated wastes.

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    Client: Roofing Parts Manufacturer

  • Achieving Compliance at a New Manufacturing Facility

    Client: Lumber Mill and Torrefaction Facility

  • Permitting Support for a Glass Fiber Manufacturing Facility

    Client: Glass Fiber Manufacturer

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