Regional Economic Impacts

Community well-being is dependent on having strong local and regional economies that provide appropriate jobs and incomes for people and families.  The strength of the economy is contingent not only upon the capacity of those local economies to attract investment, but on the diversity of the local economy, which is what determines the strength of the ‘ripple effect’ of that investment.  The economists at MFA can evaluate how a project will strengthen the local and regional economy using input-output modeling.  The team has evaluated the regional economic impacts of dozens of projects for municipalities, state agencies, private industries, and national organizations.  The team has conducted interviews, and developed surveys to obtain additional data and valuable information that provide accurate assessments of the regional impacts of existing activities that are better understood by policy makers.  The economists at MFA have explored the regional economic impacts of recreation, recycling, water infrastructure investment, and mining. 


Jeri Sawyer

Senior Economist