Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plans (RMP)

The quality of your program isn’t measured by the number of binders that sit on your shelf. Your success depends on people doing the right things to keep everyone safe.

MFA helps facilities develop PSM/RMP plans consistent with Occupational Safety and Health Administration and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements for facilities with large quantities of highly hazardous chemicals. These are comprehensive plans designed to prevent large-scale chemical releases that could harm employees or surrounding communities.

Everybody has limited time and resources, which means it is critical that safety management plans avoid needless paperwork, so people can focus on preventing catastrophes. Producing a compliant and focused plan takes more careful thought and expertise than developing a lot of boilerplate binders and forms. MFA works closely with clients to find ways to streamline PSM/RMP, so they can be more effective.

MFA can help develop all plan elements, including the process hazard analysis, written operating procedures, mechanical integrity plan, and emergency action and/or response plans. MFA provides compliance audits and process hazard analysis revalidations to support ongoing activities required by the regulations. Our goal is to help clients build internal capability and prevent accidents.

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Bill Beadie, CIH

Principal Industrial Hygienist

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