FLO Analytics

When your situation is different than a traditional MFA project, FLO Analytics is here to help. FLO works with school districts, utilities, local government, land trusts and tribes for in-depth analysis and development of specialized data driven solutions.

FLO Analytics (FLO) was formed by MFA in 2014. FLO provides Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and consulting services in the fields of land use and market planning, asset management, environmental science, and natural resource management. Whether you’re a school district, public agency, private business, or a mission-drive nonprofit, FLO is committed to helping you do better business.

Visit FLO to view our complete range of GIS and data management services: http://www.flo-analytics.com/


FLO Analytics
_T. Vick

Tyler Vick

Director of GIS and Data Analytics Services