Environmental Data Management

Data is powerful and persuasive when it is reliable and accessible. Well organized data systems help you focus on your business and mission. We’re setting new standards for the collection, management, interpretation and understanding of data.

MFA’s environmental data management solutions provide you with a streamlined data workflow process. From pre-planning through collection, analysis, validation, and reporting, we can help organize and manage your environmental data, using the latest Relational Database Management System technology. MFA automates the input of field data with a wide array of mobile devices, combines them with analytical results from laboratories, and quickly identifies data errors and gaps. It can be beneficial for MFA to get involved early on by identifying qualified laboratories and negotiating contract details. We can then assist in maintaining regular contact with laboratories to ensure consistent adherence to data quality requirements.

Between our environmental chemistry and data management offerings, MFA can serve as a clearinghouse for all of a project’s sample receipt and analysis reports, sample status information, and data validation reports. Our practices and procedures ensure that your data are of quantifiable, sufficient, and legally defensible quality.

MFA’s Environmental Data Management expertise includes:

  • Field Logistics
  • Lab Coordination
  • Database Design and Management
  • Data Review and Quality Assurance
  • Data Validation
  • Environmental Chemistry
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Brian Fauth

Senior Environmental Scientist

(971) 713-3572