Contaminant Modeling & Visualization

Seeing is believing. We transform scientific data into easy to understand graphics that communicate quickly and accurately and meet industry and regulatory standards. Effective visualizations help people understand complex situations so they can make decisions and move forward.

MFA specializes in communicating vast knowledge and complicated technical and scientific issues to people of all backgrounds. MFA’s analysts leverage a variety of software platforms to visualize and understand environmental contamination by using advanced spatial analysis and 3D modeling tools to conduct environmental fate and transport modeling within the context of various soil, sediment, and groundwater media. Through the use of graphics, illustrations, 3D models and video animation, staff, regulatory agencies, and the general public can all digest the information, readily understand the issues and then make more informed decisions.

MFA’s Contaminant Modeling and Visualization expertise includes:

  • Conceptual site modeling
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • 3D subsurface geologic and contaminant modeling
  • Presentation materials, including print and video production
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Brian Fauth

Senior Environmental Scientist

(971) 713-3572