Comprehensive Redistricting Services

Our team of GIS practitioners, data experts, community planners, and public engagement professionals is ready to support your redistricting process, no matter how simple or complex it may be. Work with MFA, and you’ll be using the best analytical methods to ensure your redistricting initiative is transparent, data-driven, and complies with federal, state, and local regulations.

A FLO & MFA Partnership

When it comes to the technical complexities of redistricting, there is no better team than FLO Analytics, our in-house GIS and data analytics team. FLO’s expertise, paired with MFA’s deep experience working with public agencies on complex regulatory challenges and public engagement, ensures that you have access to the technical know-how, software, and engagement strategies to help you successfully redistrict.

What is Redistricting?

Every decade, government entities like states, cities, counties, and special districts are required by law to analyze their district maps to ensure they meet regulations. If they do not, they are required by law to redraw their district maps. In 2021, district boundaries will be redrawn from coast to coast based on data collected during the 2020 census.

Who Needs Redistricting Services?

Local governments and special districts that elect members to represent different geographic areas of the government or the district are required to redistrict after the decennial census.

Redistricting Capabilities

Experienced Analysts

Our experienced GIS and data analysts will efficiently guide you through the iterative process of modeling and updating boundaries. They will ensure boundaries are checked for compactness and allowable population deviation, while accounting for any unique criteria you need to consider.

Census Data Specialists

Gathering and deciphering census data can be an enormous effort. Our in-house demography team is ready to contribute their deep expertise in census data analysis and boundary scenario modeling.

Proven Strategic Planning and Public Engagement Strategies

Public outreach is often required by law for redistricting, and requirements vary from entity to entity. Whether you need to simply make your redistricting maps available for public comment or you need to plan, host, and facilitate a series of public or working group meetings, our collaborative and transparent redistricting process will engage your stakeholders and earn their trust.

Working with you, we will develop plans that engage your community and stakeholders early and often, make complex information accessible, gather timely and productive input, and reflect that input back to the community. Redistricting can be a contentious process. Through transparent and thoughtful public engagement, your community becomes an active participant, and the process can be smoother, build trust, and result in constructive outcomes.

Online Public Engagement Portals

Broaden the reach of your engagement efforts with a web portal that host all materials related to your redistricting project, including draft district boundary maps, public hearing schedules, training and demonstration videos, and public comment submission. Hosting these materials online will result in broader and more effective engagement that meets the needs of your community with less strain on your limited resources.

Redistricting Software

The District Scenario Modeler is an interactive web-based mapping tool that we designed to provide your community with an easy way to participate in the districting or redistricting process. The tool allows users to draw their own boundaries and instantly view demographic information to see if they are population-balanced and support fair representation. The tool includes several features that guide users and help them to create viable district maps.

Demo of FLO's District Scenario Modeler redistricting application

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