Community Exposure Assessments

You want to be a good business and a good neighbor. Trust and credibility is built with a shared understanding of the facts. We clearly communicate reliable information and help manage risk and guide appropriate actions.

Communities can be concerned about a wide range of issues including objectionable odors, chemical exposure, or noise. Successfully addressing these concerns requires trust and credibility that comes from reliable information, clear communication, and experience. MFA can help stakeholders develop a shared understanding of the facts, which can help resolve disputes in a timely and reasonable manner.

Community assessments span disciplines that are often considered separately; occupational exposure / risk assessment and environmental risk assessment. Each discipline comes with its own regulatory framework and set of guidelines. MFA recognizes that an integrated approach is necessary to navigate the complexities associated with such a wide variety of stakeholders, such as community members, facility managers, environmental regulators, public health officials, attorneys, and occupational safety and health regulators. MFA’s expertise in integrating occupational and environmental risk assessment and credibility with a broad spectrum of regulators provides the ability to develop and implement high-quality community exposure assessments.

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Bill Beadie, CIH

Principal Industrial Hygienist

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