Whether a cost-benefit analysis, ecosystem services and natural resource valuation, or quantifying the impacts of proposed regulations, economic analysis helps answer important questions of cost, value, and benefits.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis and Regulatory Review

    Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is the formal approach to decision-making that weighs all the costs and all the benefits related to a decision over time.  Governments typically use this approach to evaluate infrastructure investments, as well as... Read more »
  • Natural Resource Economics/Ecosystem Services

    Natural resource economics is at the core of the MFA economics team’s strength.  This not only includes water management, but also decisions about habitat, air, waste, and all of the natural capital that gives us the lives we know and... Read more »
  • Water Management

    Water is instrumental to maintaining economic, community, and environmental health.  MFA’s economists help clients navigate strategies for water management by forecasting water demand; evaluating optimal water use; valuing water rights; and... Read more »
  • Regional Economic Impacts

    Community well-being is dependent on having strong local and regional economies that provide appropriate jobs and incomes for people and families.  The strength of the economy is contingent not only upon the capacity of those local economies... Read more »
  • Social & Community Economics

    Socioeconomic impact analysis involves exploring not only the volume of gains and losses in an economy, but also identifying who wins and who loses in the process.  Within socioeconomics, special attention is paid to the social and economic... Read more »