Meet MFA’s New Senior Environmental Scientist: Amy Peccia

Author: Kathy J. Lombardi, PE Published: May 1, 2018

For some, environmental compliance means just checking a box. To Amy Peccia, MFA’s new Senior Environmental Scientist, it’s more than that. “At MFA, it’s not just about meeting regulations. One of the most rewarding things about my job is helping our clients do what needs to be done to comply with regulations, but it’s also working with them to figure a way to go above and beyond,” said Amy. “I enjoy trying to figure out strategies that will save them money and benefit the environment.”

Amy started her environmental career at the City of Springfield’s Environmental Services Division in the wastewater industrial pretreatment and stormwater program right after graduating from University of Oregon with an environmental studies degree. At the City of Springfield, Amy learned how environmental regulations and compliance function from an agency perspective. After four years of working at the agency, Amy was presented with an opportunity to expand her experience.

Amy went to work as an environmental manager/quality control technician at a composite wood products mill, where for six years she managed the mill’s environmental programs and got a front-row seat to how environmental regulations work from an industry perspective. “I got to see that my plant manager’s intentions were good and that people at the mill were trying to do their best when it came to making a great product and doing what’s best for the environment. To work for a facility that was doing their best, and seeing what the regulatory burdens are, was really eye opening for me.”

That deep understanding of environmental regulations and compliance from an agency and industry perspective has served her well as a consultant. At a previous employer, Amy provided air quality permitting and compliance support services; conducted phase I environmental site assessments; prepared spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plans; and stormwater plan updates.

At MFA, Amy helps a variety of clients navigate the complex world of multi-media environmental regulations and compliance. When asked why her job matters to clients, Amy didn’t hesitate:

“It always amazes me that I can look at a regulation and see that it will apply to five different facilities, but it will apply to all five differently,” she said. “For people working at a facility wearing multiple hats it can be overwhelming to track down all the information they need to comply. We’re a partner to our clients. That’s key, because we know they don’t have time for everything, and they’re relying on us to help them. They know they can do that. We’re a resource. They can just pick up the phone and say, ‘Hey, can you help me out with this?’ And we can.”