Meet Tessa Shabram, EIT, Staff Engineer

Author: Joshua Elliott, PE Published: October 25, 2021

Image of Tessa ShabramWhere are you from and where do you live now?

I am from Encinitas, CA, in north San Diego County. Now I live in Portland, OR.

What do you do at MFA?

I currently work on a wide variety of projects including greenhouse gas accounting, stormwater management, environmental remediation, civil engineering design, and environmental investigations. I am hoping to work more and more on greenhouse gas accounting projects and sustainability consulting.

What’s rewarding about your job?

It is rewarding knowing that the work I do is helping to protect the environment and public health in the community I live in. It’s also rewarding to see a project finished and a problem solved, whatever that problem may be.

Why is what you do important?

The work I do is important because it is essential that we help our clients stay in compliance in order to minimize impacts to the environment. Thoughtful designs and strategies are critical in cleaning up contaminated sites and preventing further environmental impacts.

What’s your favorite restaurant/place to go in your area?

I really love the food cart pods, especially Core PDX food carts on 82nd. It is always so hard to decide which one to eat at, they are all so good!

What skills do you bring to your work?Tessa Shabram in the field

I believe I’m good at remembering the big picture and the “why” of the projects. It’s easy to get bogged down in details and regulations, but it is so important to remember why we are doing this work and who and what is being impacted by it.

What do you like to do off the clock?

I have a million hobbies, and I seem to find a new one every month, so maybe my hobby is just learning new things! I love going to concerts with friends, dancing, playing games, hiking, and swimming in the river when it’s hot out.

What’s the best advice you’ve received from a work colleague?

A lot of folks at MFA have asked me what I truly want to do with my career, which prompted me to really think about it—it also gave me the courage to work toward it. Without that, my true passions might not have seen the light of day.

If you were not an engineer, what would you be?

An entrepreneur or small business owner, but still providing a service or product that helps the environment.

What’s on your bucket list?

To see a narwhal in real life.

What was your favorite childhood movie/TV show?

My first VHS was Thumbelina, which I remember loving as a kid.

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