Meet Kara Beaudoin, Senior Engineer

Author: Alan R. Hughes, RG, LG, PG Published: September 25, 2019

Kara Beaudoin Senior Engineer at MFAWhere are you from and where do you live now?

I consider myself to be from both Chicago and California, and now happily call North Idaho (and the Kellogg, Idaho office!) my home.

What do you do at MFA?

I support the Coeur d’Alene Trust with the ongoing remediation of the Bunker Hill Superfund Site. In that role I plan and oversee the completion of remedial investigation, complete remedial action design reviews, and prepare long-term strategic planning and budgeting for the site. I also provide civil engineering and construction management services to a number of other industrial clients.

What’s rewarding about your job?

I find my career most rewarding when I am able to make a client’s job easier. Whether it’s generating innovative solutions, providing just-in-time staffing support, or finding cost savings, at the end of the day if the client is satisfied and I’ve been able to remove obstacles or headaches for them, I feel that I’ve done my job well.

Why is what you do important?

I often work with clients that need MFA’s help with environmental remediation. When I help clients remediate contaminated sites, I am helping restore some of the damage done to our finite natural resources. It’s work I feel is really important, and it’s work I am really proud of.

What skills do you bring to your work?

Aside from typical engineering skills, I bring strong communication skills, big-picture thinking, and project management expertise to my projects.

What do you like to do off the clock?

I love to golf, cook, and brew beer in my off time.

If you were not a civil engineer, what would you be?

Since my golf game isn’t good enough to be a professional, I’d probably use my interest in math and finances to go into financial management.

What’s on your bucket list?

My bucket list is full of world travel adventures.

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Kara Beaudoin, PE

Principal Engineer

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