Communication and Outreach Services: Another MFA Evolution

Author: Kathryn Murdock Published: September 12, 2017

Since MFA’s founding as a small group of mostly engineers and scientists conducting environmental investigations and design work, we have grown not only in number of people but also in scope of services.  We have also grown in our understanding that, whether working for a public municipality or a private developer, each project is undertaken within the multifaceted context of its jurisdictions, community, and marketplace.

Because nearly all MFA projects require regulatory and community interactions, it has become imperative to craft a customized communications strategy to gather input from stakeholders, tailor outreach to different audiences, and facilitate open conversation for good decisions.  Additionally, each project we work on brings a unique story based on its natural environment, history, vision, and goals.

We are thrilled to announce MFA’s new communication and outreach team! They are new to MFA but not new to communications. They bring the experience, energy, and enthusiasm to meet our clients’ needs for strategic communication and facilitation services, and excel at crafting exciting ways to share each client’s memorable story.

Click here to learn more about our talented team of communications professionals who work in the context of MFA’s projects and provide stand-alone communication and facilitation services to public and private clients.

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Kathryn Murdock

Senior Communications Specialist

(206) 556-2029