Celebrating Public Service

Author: Carly Schaefer Published: May 7, 2020

This blog was originally written by former MFA Principal Communications Specialist, Charla Skaggs.

This week is Public Service Recognition Week, a celebration of all the ways that federal, state, local, and tribal government employees make our communities better!

At Maul Foster & Alongi, we have the privilege of working alongside public agencies on a daily basis. There is nothing more inspiring than to see someone invest their career in the service of others, to dedicate their time and talent to the rest of us.

While communities across the globe are stricken with the challenges of COVID-19, public service workers are adapting their jobs to keep our communities safe places to live and work. Public employees teach our children, finding new ways to keep them engaged. They keep the lights on and the water flowing. When you check your mail, give thanks for a public employee! When you take out your trash, be glad they emptied the can last week. Public employees repair our roads, stock our rest areas, clean our schools, maintain public websites, manage our tax dollars, operate air- and marine ports, and so much more. Many of these employees are facing personal risk right now, going above and beyond the normal call of duty to keep the public safe, healthy, and active.

To all the public service workers out there, “thank you” really doesn’t suffice, but we offer it anyway: THANK YOU for the work you have done and continue to do. Thank you for your dedication and your resilience. And thank you for your service that does not always receive the praise it deserves.

Please join us as we celebrate Public Service Recognition Week by thanking a public service worker. We are joining the Partnership for Public Service and using the hashtag #PSRW.