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Top Industrial Compliance Tips for Summer

Compliance at industrial facilities is important 365 days a year, and each season comes with its own compliance challenges. As we head into the summer season, here are our top tips to ensure your facility remains compliant. Stormwater…

Amy Peccia Air Quality, Health & Safety, Stormwater
1200-Z Stormwater Discharge Permit Reissued by Oregon DEQ

In August, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) entered into a Settlement Agreement with environmental advocacy groups (Columbia Riverkeeper and Northwest Environmental Defense Center) and a group of industrial stormwater…

Ada H. Banasik, PE Stormwater
From Writing Textbooks to Solving Complex Problems: MFA Toxicologist Amplifies Research Training

In our daily lives we are constantly exposed to ever-changing mixtures of chemicals, and existing tools for figuring out how these chemical mixtures affect our health are not necessarily comprehensive. This is largely because they do not…

Blair Paulik, PhD Air Quality, Health & Safety, Sediment, Stormwater
Learn What’s New With The Oregon 1200-Z Stormwater Discharge Permit

Looking for the most recent information about the Oregon 1200-Z Stormwater Discharge Permit? Read our blog post about modifications to the permit in October, 2018. After issuing two draft permits and reviewing two rounds of public…

Ada H. Banasik, PE Environmental, Stormwater
Everything You Need To Know About NPDES

For more than 40 years, the Clean Water Act and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits have aimed to curb water pollution by regulating the levels of pollutants that are allowed to discharge into our rivers, lakes, and…

Ada H. Banasik, PE Stormwater
Western States Industrial Stormwater Permitting

EPA recently launched the new Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) to regulate industrial stormwater, but the already more-stringent state permits in California, Washington, and Oregon leave the MSGP a moot-point. Industrial stormwater permit…

Ada H. Banasik, PE Engineering, Stormwater
Stormwater BMPs – Recommendations for Oregon Tier II Corrective Actions

Many Oregon businesses were caught off-guard when the state lowered the effluent benchmark levels significantly in the 2012 update of the 1200-Z industrial stormwater permit. The resulting benchmark levels are so low that most industries…

Ada H. Banasik, PE Engineering, Environmental, Stormwater
MFA Staff to Present at Managing Stormwater in Oregon Conference

Maul Foster & Alongi staff will be hosting two presentations at this year’s NEBC Managing Stormwater in Oregon Conference on May 21. Stormwater expert, Ada Banasik, will share her experiences in implementing effective and economical…

Ada H. Banasik, PE Engineering, Events, Stormwater
Stormwater Permitting and MFA: Smart, Early Planning Leads to Success

The Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) recently implemented a program to assign construction stormwater general permit (CSWGP) coverage to sites that have known contamination and that may discharge potentially contaminated…

Josh Elliott, PE Engineering, Environmental, Stormwater
Port of Astoria Implements Targeted Solution to Treat Stormwater

During the last quarter of 2014, MFA assisted 16 industrial facilities in Northwest Oregon with the selection and conceptual design of stormwater-treatment measures required for compliance with the Tier II corrective action requirements…

Ada H. Banasik, PE Environmental, Ports, Stormwater
Knowledge from Experience: Stormwater and Sediment Conferences

Several MFA staff are presenting at conferences in February. Neil Alongi will be presenting at the Advanced Washington Stormwater Conference, February 7th at the Washington Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. His practical years of…

James J. Maul, RG, LHG Engineering, Environmental, Events, Press Releases, Sediment, Stormwater