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From Writing Textbooks to Solving Complex Problems: MFA Toxicologist Amplifies Research Training

In our daily lives we are constantly exposed to ever-changing mixtures of chemicals, and existing tools for figuring out how these chemical mixtures affect our health are not necessarily comprehensive. This is largely because they do not…

Blair Paulik, PhD Air Quality, Health & Safety, Sediment, Stormwater
Process Safety Management: Can We Please Stop Saying, “If You Didn’t Document It, It Didn’t Happen”?

Ask ten people about process safety management (PSM), and chances are at least seven of them will tell you about mountains of paperwork designed primarily to keep auditors happy. They might say, “I spend so much time doing paperwork that I…

Bill Beadie, CIH Blogs, Food Processing, Health & Safety
EPA Responds to my Last Blog Post and Finalizes RMP Rule

Clearly EPA is reading my blog, because only nine days after I posted a summary of lingering questions about proposed PSM/RMP changes (link), EPA has responded with a final version of the updated rule (link) and a summary of frequently asked…

Bill Beadie, CIH Blogs, Health & Safety
PSM/RMP Update: Major Events, Rule Changes, and Donald Trump

PSM/RMP for the uninitiated: The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) both enforce similar requirements for facilities that have more than the threshold quantity of…

Bill Beadie, CIH Blogs, Health & Safety
Lead in drinking water

James Peale, RG, LHG, Principal Hydrogeologist at MFA, authored the recent article, Lead in Drinking Water: Steps to take as a Business Owner, published in the Vancouver Business Journal July 8, 2016. Click the link below to read his full…

Alistaire Clary, PE Environmental, Health & Safety
Demolition Brings New Chapter for Josephine County’s Dimmick Tower

It was a hot August day when I first saw the building—fenced off and surrounded by brown, crunchy grass, it was a five-story building with boarded-up windows and broken glass. When I finally got to enter the building, I suited up in Tyvek™…

Kyle Roslund, LG Blogs, Environmental, Health & Safety, Local and State Agencies
MFA’s Approach to Mechanical Integrity Used by EPA as Example of Best Practice

The current issue of EPA’s Chemical Emergency Prevention and Planning newsletter features Bill Beadie’s article on mechanical integrity programs in the section titled “Best Practices from the Field.”  The article describes a…

Bill Beadie, CIH Health & Safety, Press Releases