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Vancouver’s Lower Grand Employment Area is Booming

When you think of job creation and economics, look no further than the Lower Grand Employment Area (LGEA). The City of Vancouver, Washington recognized the potential for the LGEA to help preserve jobs in the city’s core and drive regional…

James Maul, RG, LG Engineering, Environmental, Local and State Agencies, Planning & Community Development, Real Estate
Skagit County Celebrates the Return of a Brownfield to Productive Use

Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc. (MFA) wishes to congratulate Skagit County on the recent completion of its new community justice center, which was developed on a former truck stop fueling station brownfield. The need for a new jail facility to…

Yen-Vy Van, LHG Brownfield Redevelopment, Local and State Agencies
Stable Banks, Unique Conditions, Lasting Solutions

The success of a bank stabilization project hinges on the ability to explore a variety of potential solutions and identify the most effective option for any given site. MFA has seen success with many different types of projects, all with their…

Kathy J. Lombardi, PE Engineering, Local and State Agencies, Ports, Sediment
Demolition Brings New Chapter for Josephine County’s Dimmick Tower

It was a hot August day when I first saw the building—fenced off and surrounded by brown, crunchy grass, it was a five-story building with boarded-up windows and broken glass. When I finally got to enter the building, I suited up in Tyvek™…

Kyle Roslund, LG Environmental, Health & Safety, Local and State Agencies
Public/Private Partnerships: Taking Action for Community Interests

In the world of economic development, nothing can add value to a large-scale project like a strong, mutually beneficial partnership between public and private interests. At the P3C Public-Private Partnership Conference & Expo 2015 in…

James Maul, RG, LG Environmental, Local and State Agencies, Planning & Community Development, Ports, Real Estate
MFA Writes Two Winning USEPA Grants for the Cities of Spokane, WA, and St. Helens, OR

On March 9, 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) announced the recipients of its 2015 Area-Wide Planning (AWP) Grant. The AWP grant program assists communities that are responding to local brownfield challenges, including multiple…

Seth Otto, AICP, LEED AP Awards, Brownfield Redevelopment, Environmental, Local and State Agencies, Planning & Community Development
MFA Assists Yakima in Addressing Decade-Old Brownfield

Under the partnership of the City of Yakima and the Washington State Department of Ecology, Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc. is cleaning up a long-term community eyesore. The former Tiger Oil retail gasoline station located at the corner of Nob…

Katie Stromme Brownfield Redevelopment, Environmental, Local and State Agencies
Precision Dredging Techniques Enhance Cleanup at Lake River

The benefits of precision dredging are numerous; I’ve seen them firsthand: streamlined regulatory approval, greater risk reduction, and increased water quality. MFA wrapped up a large-scale dredging project in February 2015 in Lake River,…

Katie Stromme Environmental, Forest Products, Local and State Agencies, Ports, Sediment
Northern State Hospital: Past, Present, and Future Use

Over 100 years ago, the State of Washington took a bold step in opening the Northern State Hospital, a state-of-the-art residential mental health facility in Sedro-Woolley. The campus, designed by the world-renowned Olmsted Brothers landscape…

Jim Darling Brownfield Redevelopment, Local and State Agencies, Planning & Community Development