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Understanding the Evolving Regulation of PFAS Sites and Sources

If you haven’t heard the buzz and you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait, what’s PFAS?” here’s a recent MFA blog that will introduce you to the topic and get you up to speed. Now that you’ve read the basics, we’re jumping into a…

Courtney Savoie, RG, LHG, PG Attorneys, Environmental
Separating the Science from the Rumors about PFAS

You may have heard of “PFAS” in a documentary or in the news recently. You also may have heard that, in the U.S., PFAS chemicals are in drinking water and in people’s blood. And you would be right to say—what!? How can this be? This…

Courtney Savoie, RG, LHG, PG Attorneys, Environmental, Health & Safety, Local and State Agencies, Planning & Community Development, Ports, Sediment, Stormwater