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Tax Increment Financing—A New Opportunity for Washington Communities

In Washington State, a recently passed bill provides local governments with a new tool to help spur revitalization in areas where private investment is lacking. Engrossed Substitute House Bill (ESHB) 1189 (also called the TIF for Jobs bill)…

Victoria O'Daniel Local and State Agencies
Meet Carolyn Wise, LHG, RG, Project Hydrogeologist

Where are you from and where do you live now? I was born and raised in Northfield, Minnesota—the town that defeated the Jesse James Gang! I moved to Bellingham, Washington, to attend Western Washington University and have lived here now…

Phil Wiescher, PhD MFA Staff and Culture
Washington State Tolling Gets A Massive Upgrade

If you’ve driven across SR 520 (the world’s longest floating bridge) or through the SR 99 tunnel or on one of the other tolled highways in Washington State, you likely paid your toll bill online or by calling a customer service…

Kate Elliott Communications and Outreach, Local and State Agencies
Meet Caitlin Bryan, Senior Environmental Scientist

Where are you from and where do you live now? I have been in the Pacific Northwest since 2012, and I live in Washington. I previously hailed from the Rockies (New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming) and spent much of my childhood in…

Alan R. Hughes, RG, LG, PG Environmental, MFA Staff and Culture
Oregon’s New 1200-Z Industrial Stormwater Discharge Permit: What You Need to Know

The renewed 1200-Z Industrial Stormwater Discharge Permit (Permit) has been issued, and there are quite a few changes that Oregon industries must wrap their heads around before the Permit becomes effective on July 1, 2021. We’ve summed up…

Ada H. Banasik, PE Stormwater
Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

Every year on June 23, we celebrate outstanding women for their accomplishments in the engineering industry. In 2014, the Women’s Engineering Society established an international awareness campaign to encourage career opportunities and…

Alistaire Clary, PE Engineering, MFA Staff and Culture
Merideth D’Andrea, RG, LG, PG, Promoted to Principal Geologist

MFA is proud to announce the promotion of Merideth D’Andrea to principal geologist, recognizing her outstanding commitment to delivering excellence to MFA’s clients and colleagues. For 20 years, Ms. D’Andrea has provided geologic…

Kathy J. Lombardi, PE Environmental, MFA Staff and Culture
Using GIS to Identify Affordable Housing near Transit Stations

Happiness is an easy commute, but finding affordable housing near employment centers or near high-capacity transit is becoming more difficult every year. Many factors contribute to the record pace of increasing housing prices, especially…

Matt Hoffman GIS & Data Management, Planning & Community Development, Real Estate
Meet Sidney Counts, Communications Specialist

What do you do at MFA? I’m a communications specialist at MFA. In short, that means I specialize in effectively sharing information, whether that’s providing community members with information on a project that may affect them or…

Kate Elliott Communications and Outreach, MFA Staff and Culture
Meet Christina Johnson, Senior Geologist

Where are you from and where do you live now? I would call myself a California transplant, with deep roots in Vancouver, Washington. I call Idaho home now. What do you do at MFA? I mostly contribute to the Coeur d’Alene Trust…

David G. Weatherby, RG, LG MFA Staff and Culture, Mining
Meet Steve Taylor, President/Principal Engineer

Where are you from and where do you live now? Tricky question. Born in Wisconsin, but my dad was in the army, so we moved. I lived in 15 places in my first 18 years. I have lived in in Oregon since attending Oregon State…

Alistaire Clary, PE Engineering, MFA Staff and Culture
Meet Curtis Riley, PLA, LEED AP, Project Landscape Architect and Planner

Where are you from and where do you live now? I spent my youth in southern California, but I have lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for 20 years now, and I call Portland my home. What do you do at MFA? From conceptual site…

Kristi Boon, PE MFA Staff and Culture, Planning & Community Development
Meet Kate Elliott, Project Communications Specialist

Where are you from and where do you live now? I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and raised in Ames, Iowa. When I was growing up, my family would spend a few weeks every summer driving big loops around the U.S. to camp in and explore our…

Charla Skaggs Communications and Outreach, MFA Staff and Culture, Planning & Community Development
Meet Matt Hoffman, Senior Planner

Where are you from and where do you live now? I hail from Detroit—Birmingham to be exact. If you ever want to engage in a long conversation about Detroit history, I’m your man. I now live in West Seattle with my wife, Sarah, and two…

Victoria O'Daniel MFA Staff and Culture, Planning & Community Development
MFA Gets a New Headquarters in Vancouver

This past fall, MFA said goodbye to our offices in the Al Angelo Building on East Mill Plain Boulevard and moved into our new headquarters, a building we purchased that is just one block north of where the first MFA office was established in…

Alistaire Clary, PE MFA Staff and Culture
The Dizzying Story of the Updated RMP Rule: Spoiler Alert—Compliance Date for Most of the Changes is March 15, 2021

PSM/RMP for the Uninitiated: The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) both enforce similar requirements for facilities that have more than the threshold quantity of listed…

Bill Beadie, CIH Food Processing, Health & Safety
Announcing MFA’s New Principals

Congratulations to Alan Hughes, Charla Skaggs, and Stacy Frost on their well-deserved promotions to Principal at MFA! Alan, Charla, and Stacy each embody MFA’s core values of innovation, collaboration, agility, respect, and excellence….

Steven P. Taylor, PE MFA Staff and Culture
Don’t Just Read It; Experience It With A Story Map.

Anyone that has watched the Game of Thrones opening title sequence has experienced how harnessing the power of map imagery can tell a compelling story. While the GIS and data management professionals at MFA may be unfamiliar with fighting…

Carolyn R. Wise, LHG, RG GIS & Data Management
From Writing Textbooks to Solving Complex Problems: MFA Toxicologist Amplifies Research Training

In our daily lives we are constantly exposed to ever-changing mixtures of chemicals, and existing tools for figuring out how these chemical mixtures affect our health are not necessarily comprehensive. This is largely because they do not…

Phil Wiescher, PhD Air Quality, Health & Safety, Sediment, Stormwater
Innovative Dredging and Sediment Disposal Benefit Lower Columbia River Community

Like many small, rural communities, Cathlamet, Washington, is transitioning from dependence upon commercial fishing and timber jobs to new methods of economic development, in part relying on a healthy tourism industry to keep the town’s…

Victoria O'Daniel Ports, Sediment
Recycling is Changing in a Big Way

Have you heard the news? China recently began restricting the recycled materials it accepts for processing. Up until now, China has been one of the largest buyers of recycled materials from the United States, especially from West Coast…

Erik Bakkom, PE Economics, Solid Waste and Recycling
Oregon Air Toxics Level 1 Risk Assessment Tool Now Available

Are you wondering about your site’s Level 1 risk assessment under the proposed Cleaner Air Oregon air toxics rule? MFA can help. MFA has developed a free tool to assist clients with their Level 1 risk assessment under the proposed rules….

Chad Darby Air Quality
Process Safety Management: Can We Please Stop Saying, “If You Didn’t Document It, It Didn’t Happen”?

Ask ten people about process safety management (PSM), and chances are at least seven of them will tell you about mountains of paperwork designed primarily to keep auditors happy. They might say, “I spend so much time doing paperwork that I…

Bill Beadie, CIH Food Processing, Health & Safety
Federal Brownfields Program Moves Through Congress. What Does This Mean For Your Projects?

The reauthorization of the Federal Brownfields program is starting to wind through Congress and was recently passed by the US House of Representatives. The current proposal (HR 3017) being reviewed by the Senate, which is always subject…

Victoria O'Daniel Brownfield Redevelopment
OSU-Cascades Brownfield Redevelopment and Campus Expansion Plans Reach Key Milestone

Oregon State University-Cascades and Deschutes County have reached an important milestone in their negotiations for the sale of an inactive construction and demolition debris landfill to OSU. On October 30, 2017, Deschutes County…

Ted Wall, PE Brownfield Redevelopment, Engineering, Planning & Community Development
Vancouver’s Lower Grand Employment Area is Booming

When you think of job creation and economics, look no further than the Lower Grand Employment Area (LGEA). The City of Vancouver, Washington recognized the potential for the LGEA to help preserve jobs in the city’s core and drive regional…

Stacy J. Frost, PE Engineering, Environmental, Local and State Agencies, Planning & Community Development, Real Estate
MFA Awarded Best Presentation at NCASI Conference

MFA is pleased to announce that Senior GIS Analyst, Erik Strandhagen, was awarded the honor of best presentation at the National Council for Air and Steam Improvement, Inc. (NCASI) West Coast Regional Meeting after serving as a speaker at the…

Steven P. Taylor, PE Awards, Engineering, Forest Products, GIS & Data Management
Communication and Outreach Services: Another MFA Evolution

Since MFA’s founding as a small group of mostly engineers and scientists conducting environmental investigations and design work, we have grown not only in number of people but also in scope of services.  We have also grown in our…

Charla Skaggs Planning & Community Development
Learn What’s New With The Oregon 1200-Z Stormwater Discharge Permit

Looking for the most recent information about the Oregon 1200-Z Stormwater Discharge Permit? Read our blog post about modifications to the permit in October, 2018. After issuing two draft permits and reviewing two rounds of public…

Ada H. Banasik, PE Environmental, Stormwater
Wenatchee Brownfield Transforms into Hilton Garden Inn

Wenatchee visitors will have a new and stylish place to stay, and the City will have a new revenue source via sales and lodging taxes, as a former brownfield transforms into a new hotel. The August 4th groundbreaking for construction of a new…

Victoria O'Daniel Brownfield Redevelopment, Environmental, Planning & Community Development