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Regulatory Compliance Week Recap: Success Stories and How to Learn More

We don’t have to tell our industrial clients twice—regulatory compliance is an important topic. An efficient compliance program helps businesses reduce risk, meet regulatory requirements, and ultimately, run a successful business. In…

Amy Peccia Environmental, Stormwater
Understanding the Evolving Regulation of PFAS Sites and Sources

If you haven’t heard the buzz and you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait, what’s PFAS?” here’s a recent MFA blog that will introduce you to the topic and get you up to speed. Now that you’ve read the basics, we’re jumping into a…

Erik Naylor Environmental
2020 Predictions for the Environmental Industry

It’s hard to believe we’ve entered the year 2020. Although we still can’t teleport or fly our cars to work, there’s no doubt that advancement is all around us (hello, face-scanning phones!). It’s Maul Foster & Alongi’s practice to stay…

Alistaire Clary, PE Engineering, Environmental
SWPPP Permit Updates: What Washington Industrial Facilities Need to Know

Are you an industrial stormwater permit holder? Your permit renews on January 1, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) updates reflecting the new permit are due January 30. We know these changes can be confusing, so we have…

Ada H. Banasik, PE Environmental, Stormwater