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Heavy Industry

Heavy industry is the backbone of this country and our company. Environmental compliance is not your primary business, but it is ours. Our engineers, scientists, planners and safety specialists work for you so you can focus on your…

Gravitate Admin

Today’s industry understands the necessity of complying with existing environmental regulations and staying ahead of changes. Whether it’s a service station or a bulk facility, our risk-based approach and cost-effective delivery of…

Real Estate

Your clock is always ticking. Real estate requires accurate information combined with a sense of urgency. We communicate complex information clearly so you can make timely decisions and get transactions done. Services Provided:…

Local & State Agencies

Integrative services. Creative solutions. Community building. From school districts to counties and cities to state agencies, we work to provide public benefit, build sustainable communities, realize opportunities for economic uplift and…


Beyond roads, rails and waterways, ports provide economic stimulus and important benefits to their communities. Like private businesses, ports are entrepreneurial. We help ports achieve their mission, maximize funding opportunities and…

Food Processing

The safety and quality of what we put directly into our bodies is paramount to consumers and the companies that produce our food. Worker safety is equally important. We help meet these goals within your regulatory environment. Services…

Forest Products

MFA is proud that our first client was a local timber company. But we’re not just relying on history; this industry more than others requires creative thinking and problem solving to help your business not just survive, but…

Solid Waste & Recycling

Before trash dumps were known as landfills, MFA staff were working on solid waste projects. Our experience has paralleled the solid waste industry’s development. Services Provided: Solid Waste Planning Transfer Station Siting and…


We work with attorneys to create solutions for environmental challenges, based on a broad business perspective. Integrating science and liability with risk and reward, we provide technical and strategic resources for your…