Celebrating MFA’s 25th Anniversary

Thousands of projects. Heaps of handshakes. Hundreds of cups of coffee. 9,125 days. 1,303 weeks. 300 months.

How do you measure the history of a company like Maul Foster & Alongi?

Explore this page to share in the stories of how MFA was built, the people that built it, and the mission and values we’ve worked hard to fulfill over 25 years in business. Discover our vision for the next 25, too!

25 Years of MFA Timeline

Explore a selection of milestones representing the history of MFA, from its founding to the present.

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Projects That Transform Communities

We’ve worked on hundreds of projects that literally and figuratively transform communities for the better. Press play to see how. Explore more of our work on our projects page.


Staff Predictions

What does the future hold for MFA and the work we do? We asked our colleagues to predict what the company and their disciplines will look like in 25 years. Here’s what they said!


How do you think your discipline will grow and evolve in 25 years?

In 25 years, what aspect of MFA’s company culture do you hope will remain?