COVID-19 Return to School Services

To ensure safety from COVID-19 for students, staff, and families, school districts need a site-specific operational blueprint for re-entry and ongoing support services. MFA, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, and FLO Analytics have extensive experience providing effective public health and long-term planning solutions to schools, and we are ready to support your school district in these key areas:

  • Public Health Protocols
  • Facilities and School Operations
  • Outbreak Response
  • Ventilation Assessment and Management
  • Data Management, Modeling, and Visualization

Our Services

  • Communicable Disease Management Plans for COVID-19
  • Considerations for High-risk Populations
  • Physical Distance Mapping
  • Cohorting Considerations
  • Public Health Communications
  • Entry and Screening Guidelines
  • Visitors/Volunteers Management
  • Face Coverings, Shields, and Clear Plastic Barrier Implementation
  • Isolation Measure Protocols
  • Outbreak Prevention and Planning Guidelines
  • Outbreak Response Protocols
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols
  • Ventilation Assessment and Management
  • Data Management

Your Team for COVID-19 Readiness

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