Upland Remedial Investigation and Source Control

Client: Siltronic Corporation

Location: Portland, Oregon

With a site characterized by challenges including multiple legacy impacts, pending multiparty litigation, and a location within a Superfund site, the client’s challenges were varied, complex, and multi-tiered.

To support claims for cost recovery, the client contacted Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc. (MFA) to investigate the source of the property’s chlorinated volatile organic compounds. Following the initial investigation, the client asked MFA to expand the study and perform further investigations on the site’s historical contamination issues in order to support a claim for cost recovery. The upland portion of the study included evaluation of impacts to the soil, groundwater, and indoor air in the upland portion of the site.

Following completion of the remedial investigation, which identified at least five separate sources at the site contributing to contamination and identified the responsible parties, MFA completed a focused feasibility study and implementation of the remedy they designed, which reached the remedial action objective less than a year after it was implemented.

With MFA’s assistance, the client:

  • Received support to file and successfully obtain their claim for cost recovery assistance
  • Was able to show evidence of the legacy plumes on the site and identify the releases for which they were responsible
  • Has access to a database of over 600 soil and groundwater samples collected and managed using MFA’s environmental data management system
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