Process Safety Management/Risk Management Plan Development

Client: EnerG2

Location: Albany, OR

MFA worked with EnerG2 to develop a process safety management (PSM) and risk management plan (RMP) for their ammonia refrigeration process at an Albany facility. MFA’s extensive experience with ammonia refrigeration processes and close relationships with industry suppliers and contractors made it possible to develop technically accurate, user-friendly, site-specific tools, such as clear written operating procedures, maintenance schedules, and process safety information. At the end of the development process, EnerG2 had a streamlined, focused plan with an organized library of technical documents and records.

As part of the project, MFA helped EnerG2 develop several tools to implement PSM/RMP-required activities, such as:

  • A detailed description of maintenance tasks for process equipment.
  • An organized and interactive electronic library that helps EnerG2 locate, retrieve, track, and manage required information.
  • A system to assign and track follow-up to required activities, such as recommendations from process hazard analyses and compliance audits.
  • A calendar of activities to let appropriate personnel know when required tasks are due.
  • A training packet based on EnerG2’s refrigeration system.
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