Portland Brownfield Becomes Fabrication and Design Studio

Client: Acme Scenic & Display, Inc.

Location: Portland, Oregon

About the Project

Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc., assisted the owner of a former pesticide-formulation facility and its legal counsel in resolving environmental issues at the facility site. MFA led all phases of site investigation, risk assessment, and feasibility study efforts designed to transition the site to a viable industrial property.

MFA then worked as a general contractor for the new owner, ACME Scenic & Display, Inc., to conduct the cleanup as a design/build project. The cleanup involved excavating, treating, and capping contaminated soil; decommissioning multiple dry wells; and installing a large-scale, in-ground stormwater treatment and infiltration system. This successful project was selected for the 2007 Brownfield of the Year Award by the State of Oregon.

Meet the Client

ACME is a full-service custom fabrication and event production studio specializing in the design and execution of creative displays, immersive exhibits, and interior spaces.

The Challenge

The site had legacy soil and groundwater contamination requiring a solution that was economically viable, recognizing financial limitations.

The Solution

MFA developed and negotiated a cost-effective remedy to support the sale and marketing of the facility, insurance litigation, and other issues requiring decision making.

Low-impact development engineering solutions were implemented to manage stormwater on this industrial property. Contaminated dry wells were decommissioned and were replaced with a stormwater treatment and belowground infiltration gallery.

MFA also developed plans to manage investigation-derived wastes that contain listed Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste. We designed and implemented a low-risk, cost-effective cleanup specifically tailored to address private funding and Oregon Economic and Community Development Department fiscal risk parameters. This allowed the purchaser, ACME Scenic and Display, to limit its liability while assuming responsibility for the cleanup.

The Results

The State of Oregon awarded the cleanup the 2007 Brownfield of the Year Award. The site is now the location of a thriving business employing approximately 70 people.

Their Thoughts
Our site remediation was challenging and required considerable construction expertise. We appreciate your efforts in helping ensure successful completion of the project. Our team, of which you were an integral part, was successful in cleaning up our property so that we could continue our expansion plans.

- Jan Pederson, President, ACME

Our Thoughts

This project exemplifies ‘everything that’s right’ about brownfield redevelopment—all stakeholders, including Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Business Oregon, the seller, and the buyer, worked collaboratively to achieve a shared goal. Disparate and sometimes conflicting needs were met through creative solutions developed during design, and the flexibility inherent in this design-build project allowed for adjustments and optimization during cleanup.

Ted Wall, PE
Vice President/Principal Engineer

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Vice President/Principal Engineer

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