Waterfront Revitalization

Client: Port of Ridgefield

Location: Ridgefield, Washington

The 40 acre Pacific Wood Treating site forms the City of Ridgefield’s waterfront. After 30 years of operations, Pacific Wood Treating abruptly declared bankruptcy and abandoned the site leaving extensive soil, groundwater, and sediment impacts from some of the same contaminants as found at the Portage Bay Park site including chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, pentachlorophenol, and dioxin. The Port of Ridgefield took a proactive approach to restore the waterfront back to productive use. MFA assisted the Port in negotiations to allow the Department of Ecology to manage the cleanup and keep the site off the federal Superfund list. With MFA’s assistance, the Port was able to obtain state and federal cleanup funds and contributions for potentially liable parties to minimize the local costs of the project.

MFA conducted the remedial investigation/feasibility study for upland and sediment impacts and developed cleanup levels for protection of human health and the environment. MFA identified preferred remedial alternatives including source removal, upland capping, and in-water dredging with an enhanced natural recovery component. The cleanup project positions the site for redevelopment with open space, public trails, and shovel ready development pads all incorporated as part of the final remedy.

MFA’s innovative design for in-water remediation incorporated “precision dredging”, an approach that limits suspension of contamination during construction; “fish-friendly” gravel to stabilize the bank; and shoreline habitat restoration. These environmentally sensitive components positioned the project for expedited federal and state permitting and resulted in significant cost and logistical advantages.

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