Contaminated Soil Cleanup

Client: PetroCard

Location: South Kent, Washington

After the extent of contamination resulting from a tank release was understood at one of PetroCard’s petroleum cardlock facilities in South Kent, Washington, the company wanted to act fast. They decided to address the contamination independent of the Department of Ecology to streamline the cleanup process.

Drawing on their knowledge of the existing client’s facilities and dividing the areas of contamination, MFA worked with PetroCard to establish soil cleanup sections that could be fully funded by an existing insurance policy, which would only fund gasoline contamination (not diesel/oil). MFA also redesigned the client’s stormwater drainage system, which was in need of updating.

The client received cleanup services tailored to maximize funding options as well as an updated stormwater system which MFA was able to develop to suit the specific needs of the cardlock facility and address contamination cost effectively.


PetroCard contacted MFA to address an underground storage tank release at one of their cardlock facilities in Kent, Washington. The contamination plume was large, approaching the property boundary, and contained both diesel and gas, adding a layer of complication to the site. The company wanted to complete the cleanup prior to initiating Ecology involvement to streamline the cleanup process. During early cleanup efforts, it also became clear that the facility’s’ stormwater system was in need of upgrading.


As PetroCard’s environmental consulting firm, MFA responded quickly to the client’s desire to remediate the contamination. Upon composing a remedial action plan for cleanup, the existing insurance claim for the cardlock facility in Kent was considered. At this point in the cleanup over 90 percent of the contamination has been addressed, and any remaining contamination is safely distant from the property boundary, setting the stage for completion of the cleanup and eventually receiving a no further action determination with Ecology.

The client was able to receive:

  • Updates to Stormwater system
  • Effective cleanup of the contaminated area
  • Partial funding for cleanup efforts
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