Oregon Wildfire Debris Cleanup and Sampling

Client: CDR Maguire Inc./Oregon Department of Transportation

Location: Oregon


About the Project

Wildfires burned thousands of buildings and millions of trees across Oregon during the summer of 2020. MFA worked closely with the task force led by the Oregon Department of Transportation to safely address wildfire ash and debris. As a subconsultant to CDR Maguire for the wildfire debris cleanup effort, MFA conducted surveys, developed and implemented a statewide air monitoring program, and performed post-removal soil sampling for more than 3,000 properties throughout the state.

Key Project Solutions

Soil sampling at an Oregon wildfire site, Maul Foster & AlongiThe large scale of the project and urgent timeline required MFA to develop innovative data collection and management tools to quickly and reliably process information for each property. The data team developed electronic forms and integrated maps and reporting tools to synthesize property information, field data, and laboratory data into a report. The system allowed MFA to compile a site-specific asbestos survey report or soil sampling report in seconds. Automatically generated chain-of-custody forms and printed sample labels saved time in the field and minimized errors.

MFA hired additional personnel and teamed with other local firms to keep pace with the demand for rapid project turnaround. Coordinating fieldwork with up to 85 people from eight firms spread around the state required clearly defined procedures, consistent communication, and skilled field leads.

The community air monitoring plan developed by MFA used innovative demographic analysis to prioritize environmental justice considerations and public health risk. MFA prepared information and documents to help state agencies communicate and engage with the public. The public outreach efforts were a critical part of the project.

Meet the Client

CDR Maguire, Inc. provides engineering consulting services, emergency management solutions, and disaster health and medical services for their clients. They have helped communities recover from some of the most devastating hurricanes and wildfires in recent U.S. history.

Their Thoughts
MFA’s team was great! Their ability to ramp up quickly and stay organized throughout the 2020 Oregon wildfire response helped people return to their homes with confidence. It was a pleasure working with them.

- Jared George, Senior Manager, CDR Maguire Inc.

Our Thoughts

This was a transformative project. Literally. The urgent desire to help people recover as quickly as possible, the overwhelming scale of destruction, and the lack of a blueprint to complete the work put immense pressure on everyone throughout the project. I’ve never been prouder to do such meaningful work with such amazing people. I can’t imagine another company successfully creating the innovative tools and approaches we developed for this project. I’m sure our work will help inform the approach for wildfire cleanup around the country.

Bill Beadie, Maul Foster & Alongi
Bill Beadie, CIH
Principal Industrial Hygienist

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