Landfill Redevelopment Master Planning

Client: Clark County

Location: Vancouver, Washington

From its opening in 1935 to its closure in 1991, the Leichner Landfill was the primary solid waste facility for Clark County and the City of Vancouver. In 2011, the county became the sole owner of the landfill, with an additional agreement in place to continue environmental monitoring of the site. With the landfill closed and capped, the county has been exploring available options for the next phase of development of the property.

MFA has been working with Clark County to develop a master plan to assist in taking a closer look at the most realistic and beneficial possibilities for the former landfill. By examining all aspects of the property, including location; proximity to residences, businesses, and manufacturing facilities; current access roads; and constraints in terms of access to city resources such as plumbing and electricity, it would be easier to navigate the project’s priorities. With a solid understanding of the site’s current state and its potential for future use, and a plan in place for approaching potentially interested parties, the county is poised to move the landfill into the next stages of productive use.

By working with MFA to develop a master plan, Clark County:

  • Understands the constraints of the property as seen by potential investors
  • Has a plan to undertake necessary steps to prepare the property to make it more attractive to developers
  • Has open lines of communication with the adjacent neighborhoods
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Seth Otto, AICP, LEED AP

Principal Planner