Health and Safety Compliance for a Roofing Parts Manufacturer

Client: Roofing Parts Manufacturer

Location: Oregon

About the Project

MFA’s industrial hygiene professionals support comprehensive health and safety planning for large manufacturing facilities. For a roofing manufacturing company with multiple regional offices, MFA conducted an assessment that informed the development of a company-wide health and safety program. Additionally, our team prepared a plan to reduce chemical use and the generation of hazardous waste. Taking a big picture approach to health and safety programs helps this client maintain a compliant workplace.

Meet the Client

This Oregon roofing products manufacturer provides roofing products for consumers and businesses across the nation.

Key Project Solutions

Company-Wide Industrial Hygiene Assessment

MFA helped this client conduct an assessment of chemical exposure and occupational noise exposure in its workplaces. In addition to noise, the scope of the assessment included asphalt, silica, dust, fiberglass, and formaldehyde. Data from the assessment were evaluated by a large industry trade group that was preparing comments in response to proposed OSHA standards. Based on the assessment findings, MFA created a company-wide health and safety program.

Toxic-Use and Hazardous-Waste Reduction Plan

A Toxic-Use and Hazardous-Waste Reduction Plan was developed by our health and safety team to comply with Oregon Administrative Rules and reduce the client’s chemical use and hazardous waste generation. In the plan, we recommended annual goals such as evaluating current and new technologies that can achieve further reductions of toxic chemicals and hazardous waste; reviewing and updating relevant processes and personnel procedures; and training employees on ways to help the facility reach its reduction goals.

Lasting Compliance Solutions

We provided this client with an industrial hygiene program handbook, meant to be a living document that they can use as a tool to guide their daily health and safety practices. The company maintains contact with MFA for major regulatory updates and has established a designated in-house health and safety advisor who can update the program on an as-needed basis.

Our Thoughts
It’s gratifying to work with clients who understand how thoughtful approaches to compliance can simultaneously improve the business and the lives of employees. Important changes are possible when people understand that it’s about people instead of paperwork.

- Bill Beadie, CIH

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