Developing a Model Remedy for Historical Orchard Lands

Client: Chelan County Department of Natural Resources

Location: Wenatchee, Washington

MFA has served as the lead technical consultant working with Ecology and the Chelan County to develop a model remedy that created a streamlined process for remediating historical orchard lands in central and eastern Washington. The model remedy created four pre-approved approaches for the cleanup of historical orchard lands that commonly show elevated lead and arsenic concentrations from historical pesticide use.

The Cameo Development, a 20-unit single family home subdivision, served as a pilot project for the new model remedy. MFA’s interdisciplinary team helped Chelan County and the developer choose the appropriate model remedy and troubleshoot the new process. The project allowed the Team to develop tools, document typical projects costs, and identify lessons that were integrated into the final model remedy. As a result of these efforts, cleanup is underway at the site using a combination of clean soil capping and asphalt hard capping. The tools developed include factsheets, development agreements, and model forms that are being integrated into Ecology’s resource website to help guide future projects on historical orchard lands.



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