Construction Management for a Petroleum-Impacted Property

Client: Fuel Distributor

Location: Kent, Washington

Site Background

A site in Kent, Washington, had been impacted from a tank release, and the company wanted to act fast. The impact plume was large, was approaching the property boundary, and contained both diesel and gasoline, adding a layer of complexity to the site. The owner was an existing client of MFA and contacted our team to address this challenge. MFA responded quickly to the client’s request for assistance in addressing the issue.

Remedial Actions

The remedial action included excavating soils with concentrations exceeding MTCA Method A cleanup levels; backfilling the excavation; and transporting the contaminated material off site for disposal. Nearly 5,000 tons of contaminated soil were removed and disposed of.

Stormwater System Upgrades

During early cleanup efforts, it also became clear that the facility’s stormwater system required upgrading. MFA designed a new stormwater system and conducted construction oversight during the installation.

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