Achieving Compliance at a New Manufacturing Facility

Client: Lumber Mill and Torrefaction Facility

Location: John Day, OR

About the Project

MFA provided assistance in due diligence site selection, permitting, and compliance for a new torrefied biomass manufacturing facility in Oregon.

Meet the Client

This client operates a lumber mill and wood fuel torrefaction facility, which utilizes a unique process of turning forest residuals into torrefied fuels. Torrefaction is the roasting of wood in a low-oxygen environment that produces a renewable biomass fuel that is a direct replacement for other existing fossil fuels, such as coal.

This diagram illustrates the basic concept for torrefaction and densification processes:

Diagram illustrates the torrefaction process

(International Biomass Torrefaction Council)

Key Project Solutions

MFA helped the client make an informed and strategic property selection decision by screening target properties against development objectives and identifying any potential obstacles to a smooth permit approval and construction process.

After property selection, MFA developed a due diligence process to assess potential environmental concerns associated with past industrial uses, and more deeply evaluated the physical conditions and regulatory processes.

MFA developed a regulatory compliance plan and assisted the client in obtaining two air contaminant discharge permits for a new boiler, belt dryer, torrefier, and pelletizer. This helped the client achieve compliance immediately upon startup of the new operation..

Key Services Provided

  • Due diligence site evaluation and selection
  • Emissions inventory development
  • Assistance in obtaining necessary permits for facility operation and compliance
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Principal Air Quality Specialist

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