Addressing Environmental Concerns at a Dry-Cleaning Business

Client: Vancouver Park Place, LLC

Location: Vancouver, WA

MFA was contracted to perform a remedial investigation (RI) and supplemental off-property characterization of the subsurface conditions at a hotel property adjacent to a former commercial dry-cleaning facility. These efforts were aimed at assessing and recommending necessary cleanup actions for environmental impacts associated with legacy dry-cleaning use, as well as a 2010 dry-cleaning-chemical spill. MFA provided a full range of services from investigation to remediation to ongoing groundwater quality and air quality assessments.

Results of this project include:

  • Complete source removal of impacted soils beneath dry-cleaning machine and operations area and at adjoining hotel property, resulting in “clean” confirmation soil samples
  • Mitigation of human health risk associated with legacy dry-cleaning operations and chemical sludge spill at the site
  • Full range of services provided by one firm, from investigation to remediation to ongoing groundwater and air quality assessments



Yen-Vy Van, LHG

Senior Hydrogeologist

(253) 320-5378