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What is Communications?

Communications is the process of sending and receiving messages. We communicate with each other daily through several different forms of communication. We use both verbal and nonverbal cues to send messages to each other. Speaking and writing are forms of verbal communications, whereas nonverbal communications are ways we communicate without the use of words, such as body language, eye contact, and touch.

Think about how you have a conversation with a friend. If you are telling a story about how you saw a bear on a camping trip, you can use several forms of communication to share your experience. The obvious way to tell a story is to use your words. For instance, you can tell your friend that the bear was taller than your tent, but you can also use your hands to emphasize how big the bear was by widening your arms and imitating the bear’s movements in nonverbal ways. To be an effective communicator is to use these forms of communication appropriately, and to make sure the person that is listening or watching understands you as you want them to.

Watch the Video

1. Watch the video below about storytelling produced by Pixar, the filmmakers that brought you Monster’s Inc and Toy Story.

Complete the Ad Lib

2. Try our Ad Lib activity by writing above the parentheses to make the story come to life. We gave you hints of the type of words that will make the story make sense. The most important thing is to be creative and have fun! If you want to write your own story, go ahead! Click here to download the Communications Ad Lib.

Complete the Coloring Page

3. Color! Another way to communicate is to tell a story through images. Fill out the coloring page and think about what is going on in the drawing. What’s in the picture? Who is in the picture? What are their names? What are they doing and why?

Show Us Your Stuff

4. Take a picture of either you watching the video, doing the ad lib, or coloring and share it with us using the form below!

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