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Interactive STEM Activities for Kids, brought to you by Maul Foster & Alongi

At MFA, we are scientists, communicators, engineers, planners, and GIS specialists. We’re also parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and caregivers – and we’re experiencing the unique challenges that come with this moment we’re all living in. We’d like to offer some fun resources to engage, educate, and entertain the most important audiences we have. And maybe keep them quiet for ten minutes. (Who knows? It could happen.)

These activities highlight some of the cool disciplines at MFA and the teams that work together to provide innovative solutions to unique and complex issues.  Each week this summer, we’ll post a new highlight with kids’ activities and a challenge. Submit a photo of the completed challenge and we’ll send your kiddo a fun and related giveaway!


Here are the details:

  1. Activities will be released one week at a time. You can complete them at any time. Sign up to have these updates delivered straight to your inbox!
  2. Click on each activity to review its instructions.
  3. Complete the activity and submit a photo to receive a prize. You can complete any four activities to receive the first prize. Complete all eight to receive another prize!


Here are the prizes. Track them on your MFA Kids Activity Passport:

  • Activity 1: Printable Communications Badge
  • Activity 2: Printable Climate Change Badge
  • Activity 3: Printable Air Quality Badge
  • Activity 4: Printable GIS Badge *PLUS: Complete any four activities, and receive a grow-your-own plant kit in the mail!*
  • Activity 5: Printable Civil Engineering Badge
  • Activity 6: Printable Health and Safety Badge
  • Activity 7: Printable Geology Badge
  • Activity 8: Printable Planning Badge *PLUS: Complete Activities 1-8, and receive a pair of adventure binoculars in the mail!*

*Prizes will be limited to the first 100 participants



Track Your Progress with a printable MFA Kids Activity Passport


Learn About Communications

Communications is the process of sending and receiving messages. Learn more by completing Activity 1.

Go to Activity 1

Climate Change

Learn About Climate Change

Climate change describes a change in the earth’s average conditions—such as temperature and precipitation (rainfall, for example)—over a long period of time. Learn more by completing Activity 2.

Go to Activity 2

Air Quality

Learn About Air Quality

Air quality describes the condition of the air surrounding us. Learn more by completing Activity 3.

Go to Activity 3

Learn About GIS

GIS is a way for us to view data spatially—that means on a map. Learn more by completing Activity 4.

Go to Activity 4

Learn About Civil Engineering

Civil engineers use math, science, physics, and creativity to create designs and keep the public safe. Learn more by completing Activity 5.

Go to Activity 5

Learn About Health and Safety

Health and safety  is a field that focuses on the wellbeing of others. Learn more by completing Activity 6.

Go to Activity 6

Learn About Geology

Geology is the science that deals with the dynamics and physical history of the Earth. Learn more by completing Activity 7.

Go to Activity 7

Learn About Planning

Planners work with the community and elected officials to create healthy and safe neighborhoods and cities. Learn more by completing Activity 8.

Go to Activity 8

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