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MFA Kids

Interactive STEM activities for kids

Hello! At MFA, we are scientists, planners, communicators, and engineers who enjoyed learning and experimenting when we were growing up. We’ve developed these STEM activities so the next generation of STEM professionals can explore like we did. MFA Kids is designed to be educational, thought-provoking, and of course, fun! On top of learning about the different careers and subjects, participants will also get to win prizes for completing activities!


How to start exploring:

  1. If you didn’t receive an activity booklet, you can download one here: MFA Kids Activity Booklet. The activity booklet is where you will keep track of your progress. If you don’t have access to a printer, that’s okay! Just take note of which activities you complete for step 3.
  2. Click on each of the STEM lessons below to start working on the activities. You will learn about a subject and will get to complete fun activities that will get you thinking like an expert!
  3. After you complete an activity, find the square on your activity booklet, and check it off. We’ll send you a pair of adventure binoculars for completing five total activities from any of the lessons and a bonus mystery prize for completing all the activities from all of the lessons.
  4. To claim your prize, have a parent or guardian enter their information into the Submission form at the bottom of this page.  Please note supplies are limited and will be given out on a first come first serve basis.
  5. Ready, set, go!


STEM lessons:

Click on each achievement badge to get started. Come back to this page when you’re ready to continue with another lesson.

Contact us if you have any questions at MFALearns@maulfoster.com.


Finished? Complete the form below.

Submission form

Tell us how many activities were completed, and we’ll send you a prize. Prizes are limited, and we cannot guarantee supplies will last. If you’d like, you can also share a photo of yourself while you learn. We’d love to post your work on our social media with your permission, of course! Because you must be 18 years or older to fill out this form, have a parent or other adult enter the information.
  • Activities are individual tasks within each lesson. Each lesson has three activities.
  • Please provide your mailing address if you would like to receive a prize through the mail for completing your activities.
  • *Photos are not required to receive prizes.
    Max. file size: 200 MB.