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Interactive STEM activities for kids, brought to you by Maul Foster & Alongi

At MFA, we are scientists, planners, communicators, engineers, and GIS specialists. We’re also parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and caregivers who want to share our expertise with future generations of professionals. For a second summer, we are rolling out an online educational program for the kids in your life. At MFA, we see the importance of exposing kids to STEM while making it a fun learning experience. This program is designed to be accessible, educational, thought-provoking, and of course, fun for the kids in your life! On top of learning about the different career paths and subjects, participants also have the chance to receive prizes. Grab your kids and get started!


Here are the details:

  1. Activities will be released twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, for four weeks. On August 31, those who have participated in at least one activity will receive a grow your own plant kit, and those who finish at least five activities will receive the plant kit and MFA adventure binoculars.
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  3. Click on each activity to review its instructions.
  4. Keep track of your activities by printing the Activity Passport.
  5. Submit the activity completion form by September 7 to win your prize(s)!



All activities have been posted! Tell us what activities you completed to receive your free prizes.

*Prizes will be limited to the first 100 participants


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